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Intro to Functional Programming Resources

functional programming

Since I’ve started to play with (and rave about) functional programming (FP), a lot of people have asked me how to get started.

Instead of writing the same email multiple times, I decided to create a blog post I can refer them to. Also, it’s a central place to put all my notes about the topic.

Here’s a small collection of all the resources I’ve accumulated on my adventure on learning functional programming.

Broken into:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos – YouTube
  • Videos – paid

Blog posts

So You Want to be a Functional Programmer blog post series by Charles Scalfani.

This is by far the best introduction to FP that I’ve read. The author strips away all the jargon. He makes FP so approachable for anyone regardless of their programming experience.

The coding examples are in JavaScript. But the FP concepts are the main focus.


I’ve watched many videos in different languages from different people. I purposely did this to learn FP itself and not a language.

Instead of listing each individual video, I’ve created a YouTube playlist. This way you can help contribute, and we all benefit from it.

MBS – Intro to Functional Programming

Videos (paid)

Functional Programming with C#

If C# still pays your bills, this is a perfect introduction into FP for a C# developer. Even if you don’t want to drink the FP kool-aid, there’s plenty of useful techniques you can learn to clean and improve any C# code base.

Dave is a fantastic trainer and dives straight to the point without fluff. The video is short enough that you can watch it in one sitting (e.g. lunch time). C’mon, those cat videos aren’t going anywhere.

Applying Functional Principles in C#

I have not watched this video yet.

…but I have to say the video looks very promising. Can’t wait to watch this one.

Here’s the course overview:

  • Immutable architecture
  • Why nulls are evil & how to fix that
  • Primitive obsession
  • The use of exceptions
  • Handling failures & input errors

Your Turn

Help me, help you (and others). Let’s grow these lists together.

If you find something cool and helpful that you think belongs here, please reach out me. (I’m a nice guy, I swear. Just ignore the dry blood stains on my shirt).

You can leave a comment below.

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Happy FP coding!