The goal is this blog is to share my knowledge and my experience as a software developer over the years.

Three main categories:

  • Mind – technical related. Show me the code, baby!
  • Body – running, eating habits, taking care of your physical self.
  • Soul (spirit) – the “X” factor we often ignore. If you don’t believe in a “soul”, then replace it with spirit or emotions.

Depriving one category over the other(s) has terrible consequences. However, if you take care of all three, wonderful things tend to happen.

We are more than just our code.


avatar2Hi! My name is Jose Gonzalez. I’m Software Developer specializing on .NET using C#, ASP.NET MVC, MSSQL. I’m currently working at Castle Worldwide.

I’m curious fellow always learning (or trying to) cool stuff. Check what’s on the menu:

  • ReactJS / Angular2
  • Functional Programming – F#, Elm
  • JavaScript (ES6) / TypeScript
  • Writing, reading, communication and leadership skills

Disclaimer: The opinions posted on this blog are mine and do not reflect those of my employer.

  • Jose, I love that you are sharing your expertise with the world. Please keep it up! This message of taking care of yourself to get the most you can out of the machine that is you and most enjoy your life is awesome and necessary for developers (and everyone). I love your blog. (I really want to see your name on it, though, especially here on the About page).

    • Hey Dave,

      Thank you for your kind words of inspiration and feedback! I’ve added my name back to the About page.