Picks of the Month – October 2017

Another month under our belt. Let’s celebrated it!

This time around I bring you: two awesome people and a website. These picks are really special to me because they’ve changed how I see the world.

Nate is an awesome software developer who I met in KCDC by chance. Dan is a great Pluralsight author and has been in our industry from the 80s. But I didn’t chose him for his technical knowledge.

The website is the Daily Stoic. I find stoic philosophy appealing because it’s a practical philosophy. I wish I had encounter it earlier in my life. But it’s never too late to get started.

Let’s dive him, shall we?

Nate Taylor

From his Twitter:

Follower of Jesus. Husband & Father. Cranky Software Engineer. Worst BJJ Blue belt. Chiefs & Royals fan.

Love that self-description. I have to disagree on the “cranky” part though. He’s always been super cool with me.

I met Nate during this summer at Kansas City Developer’s Conference. He was talking to Reid Evans and I wanted to be a fly on the wall on their conversation. Eventually, I got comfortable and asked for some career advice.

The conversation was so good that I ended up missing a conference session I was looking forward to. But life had other plans for me:

Nate is also into functional programming and has his Fundamentals of Functional Programming in JavaScript. Too easy for you? How about his course on Elixir or Phoenix?

But I think you might find One Size Does Not Fit All: Find the Job You Want more helpful in the long run. (Especially if you’re looking for a job!). Hmmm…on writing this article I found I need to queue up his Professionalism for Developers.

Dan Appleman

Dan has many awesome courses on Pluralsight with “soft skills” topics. He talks about topics we usually don’t want to deal with.

Dan has been a software developer since the 80s. He has re-invented himself multiple times and wore different hats throughout the years.

He is a prime example that you can make it in this industry in the **long run. But it requires hard and continuous work.

Whether you’re just starting your career or a season veteran, do yourself a favor and watch some of his courses. They ooze with his wisdom from multiple experiences.

Dan’s courses:

See his full list of courses here

Techs come and go. Soft skills are forever.

Daily Stoic

This is becoming my favorite website pretty damn fast. Stoic philosophy is very practical without the fuzz of other philosophies.

You can start by following them on Twitter. It usually tweets positive and inspirational quotes from one of the main stoics.

I’ve listened to Marcus Auerlius’ Meditations audio book once before. But never took a deeper dive into this philosophy.

I know John Sonmez and Cory House are into stoic philosophy. In addition, my buddy Pavneet (another person really into this) had a stoic YouTube series that I strongly recommend.

Stoic philosophy has already made a direct impact in my life.

A few weeks ago, my contract was unexpectedly terminated. I didn’t panic and shrugged off the event. My job search hasn’t been the most ‘positive’ either.

In the past, I’d be freaking out and be pissed off at life and pointing fingers. Not to mention frustrated and paralyzed by fear leading into depression. Been there, done that.

But thanks to stoic philosophy (and my other experiences), I have learned to accept things for what they are and move on.

I don’t have control of what happens to me, but I have control over my reactions to what happens to me.

A very stoic mindset.

The first thing I do every morning is to read an article from the Daily Stoic. It sets the tone for a better day.

Wrap up

Two great people and an awesome website. All have made a direct impact in both my personal and professional life.

I encourage you to check each one of them. Whatever you do, remember that you are not alone.

Someone has already share their experience and wisdom in a video or a text from centuries ago. Now, I share them with you.

Which pick was your favorite?

Till next month!