Let’s Run Another 60 Miles in a Single Month

60 miles
Another month down, and more miles accumulated. February is a short month, but I still managed running 60 miles in a single month…again!


I know, I know pics or never happened:

Awful January

To be honest with you, January was a very crappy month. I was physically sick and started a new job. The winter blues hit me hard this time around.

Whatever it was, I felt like total crap most of the month. I just couldn’t shake it off.

It was so bad I think I ran 3-4 times for the whole month. That’s around 15 miles for the whole month!

Down but not out

Instead of throwing in the towel, you know what I did? Nothing.

I didn’t self-punish or critique for a bad month. I kicked guilt out the door. I didn’t wait for motivation or inspiration.

After my illness (or whatever it was), I began to run in the mornings once again. I followed my simple schedule: run every other day.

February is a short month. The weather is very unpredictable around where I live. I won’t lie, some runs sucked! My legs hurt, and my feet were killing me. Many times I wished I had stay in my warm bed.

Just a habit

I didn’t realize this but running is just a habit for me now. It’s easy to say, but freaking hard to do.

My body knows the rhythm. Unless I’m messed up physically (super sick), the body knows what it wants. It wants endorphins!

How long it took me to develop this habit?

Two years. I have been running consistently for over two years.

Granted, I didn’t start running 5ks or even 10ks right away. I started with 1-mile runs, then 2-miles until 3.5-miles (a bit over 5k) were the norm.

As time went on, I pushed myself for farther distance. I still remember when I ran over 5 miles in a single run.

This month’s achievement (I don’t believe in goals) is an outcome of all the hard work and effort (but mostly fun) I put into each run.

It’s a by-product of all those times when I pushed myself farther and longer.

You can do it too

I’m serious! I never ever imagined I could achieve anything like this. I mean I was glad to run 50 miles the first time, then 60 miles and a whooping 70 miles!

I’ve never consider myself a runner, and I don’t take it too seriously. But running has given me self-confidence on what I can achieve.

Its side effects are something tangible. Something you can experience (as endorphins) and expand upon.

Join me on this great adventure and start running today.

Feel free to contact me directly if you want more advice on how to get start. Your mind, your body and your soul will thank you.

See you guys on the next crazy achievement!