You will suck at blogging, but that’s OK!

This is an addendum to what was posted here by Pablo. It started as my response in his comments section. But my response was too long. I decided to write a separate blog post instead.

Pablo has many excellent points. Here’s a short story about how I got good at blogging. And so can you!

Brief Background

I’ve been blogging at for almost two years as of this post.

This doesn’t make me an expert!

It means I’ve spent more time writing blog posts than others. That’s all.

I’ve been a software developer for over 10 years.

This doesn’t make me an expert!

It means I’ve spent more time writing code than others. That’s all.

You will suck at blogging, but that’s OK.

Story time

My first project was in VB.NET (yay, VB…no, not really). I was fresh, young and pretty damn cocky.

It was an assignment for what you call a “BootCamp” now-a-days.

We had two or three days to finish the coding assignment. I finished it in a day and a half. I was cruising, browsing the internet. I was making fun of my other classmates because they were sweating bullets.

What’s the big deal? It’s a very easy assignment!

I thought to myself.

The day the assignment was due, I asked the guy next to me to revise it. He saw a glaring flaw.

I was using public variable fields

My program broke all over the place. Now, I was the one sweating bullets while others were done.

I pulled an all-nighter and got a decent grade. But never forgot how much I sucked at writing code and my lack of OOP knowledge.

Today, it’s a different story.


I had a similar story with blogging. But it was not as extreme.

My first blog post took me 4 hours to write. This doesn’t count editing.

I didn’t hit publish until around 2am.

I was being a perfectionist. I was scared of being criticize or ridiculed. The pictures had to be right. What if someone found a typo? Oh noes!

Guess what?

No one has wasted their time to troll me. Not one soul!

Actually, I’ve gotten some real positive and encouraging feedback from other fellow developers.

How do you get better?

Practice even when you don’t seem to be getting nowhere.
~ George Leonard – Mastery

Today, I don’t write public variables (or VB.NET, thank god!).

Public properties are muscle memory. My knowledge/experience in software development is much bigger than my fresh, younger, and cocky (aka arrogant) self.

It took me around 25 minutes to write down (this) my first official blog post in Not bad compared to my first blog post that took me 4 hours to write.

There is no short-cut. No silver bullet.

Want to be a coder? Code.
Want to write/blog? Write/blog.

What are you waiting for? Write! 🙂