Picks of the Month – Feb 2017

This is a new type of post. I’ve decided to share some cool resources that I have come across during this month.

The resources can be anything. A video presentation/talk, a blog post, a podcast, a trainer/teacher, a book, etc.

(This also helps me keep track of all the cool stuff I come across).


Gjermund Bjaanes blog

I give credit where credit is due. I got this idea from my pal Gjermund Bjaanes.

He has some pretty cool stuff going on at this blog. From ASP.NET core to Angular. Lately, he’s been raving about Exciting Blockchain Projects. Check it out.


Pavneet usually blogs at Coding with Empathy. But about a month or so, he decided to start his Pavlog on his YouTube channel.

The idea is to reflect on chapters from the Daily Stoic.

I enjoy his perspective and his approach to inform and entertain you, the viewer.

But what I like is how he gives you a little peek into his personal life. It makes him more legit and genuine. He shows you that he practices (or at least tries to) what he preaches.

Not everyone opens the doors of his life to the whole world. It takes real courage to do something like that.

Check out his series. Get your daily stoic dose, and see what craziness he’s up to that day.

(As a husband and father with a full-time job, kudos to him for pumping out those daily videos! I don’t know how he does it.)


Open Source Mental Illness

I met funkatron at a session in All Things Open 2016. I spoke to him briefly after his talk.

Finally! I found someone who is talking about mental illness for us developers. (Yes, you have mental problems, I have mental problems. We all have mental problems!)

Interested? Start by checking OSMI for some info. You can also watch one his recordings talking about mental illness.

Mental illness is a real problem! We don’t talk about this as much as we should in our developer community. It’s one of the main themes of this blog.

Programming with Mosh

Mosh is a freaking beast when it comes to teaching. His style, his approach, his way of explaining makes anything twice as easy to understand.

Check out his YouTube channel. His sample videos run up to 1hr! His topics include .NET, Angular2 and Xamarin.

I enjoy learning so much from him I bought his Angular2 and ASP.NET MVC courses at Udemy.

If you have a Pluralsight account, check out his awesome Become a Full-stack .NET Developer courses.

That’s all Folks

There you have it. The picks of the month for February 2017. I hope you find any of these resources helpful.

Do you know about another cool resource that should be in list? Share it on the comments below!

  • So glad you decided to do a Picks of the month! This was a great one 😉

    Thanks for the mention, I truly appreciate that! It makes me want to write more 🙂

    Keep it up, looking forward to the next one!

    • Hey man. Thanks for stopping by and inspiration.

      Looking forward to your next article and picks of the month!