Life without a Smart Phone – The Good

My phone died around three weeks ago. To be honest with you, I have been without cellular phone service since last summer. My phone has been nothing more than a glorified iPod. I’ve been able to survive for all these months thanks to WiFi.

But now I don’t have a physical device. It’s a whole different game.

Let me share with you what I’ve experienced on the last three weeks without a smart phone.

This will be the first part on a three part series.


I’ve felt such peace in my every day. I don’t feel rushed or too distracted. I’m paying attention to whatever I’m doing at work or at home.

I hear the birds and notice the plants. I’m nicer to myself as I’m not wasting time scrolling down on social media.

It is weird. It’s weird because we live such a rushed life for so long that we forget to feel what it feels not to be in a rush or distracted.

Being present

Presence. I’ve read about this on Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now. But never understood how to get there.

Not having a smart phone taught me that you are already there. You are already present but you are too distracted by external and internal noise.

Stillness speaks in volume. But you don’t hear it because you are too busy and/or distracted. The moment that stillness speaks out, you look for the quickest way to bring back the noise…to escape.

Instead of running away, I invite you to embrace stillness. You are not your thoughts. And watch the thinker while you are at it.



I lost my audiobook ability but have gone back to print. (I enjoy reading books in physical book format). I’ve caught up with a few books I had on my queue on a while.

Pensamientos is one of them. It’s a collection of fables. My favorite style of story telling. I’ll share some of those stories with you. (The book is in Spanish)

There’s Nothing Wrong with you. This one came as a total surprise! I can’t put the book down. It’s so well written and goes straight the core. No fluff.

It centers around self-hate and how it has made us believe there’s something wrong with us when there isn’t. So many good messages and reflections. Definitely, I will do a book review on it.

Learn F#. I need to keep the programming skills sharp. Get it? I’m reading this one chapter at the time. Remember, no rush 🙂


I’m used to listening to podcasts or an audiobook during my commutes. This has become a real challenge without a phone.

I either listen to the news station or classical station. But I’m usually looking out the window and noticing things and places I never noticed before.

My commute is not bad but it’s more tolerable. The red lights don’t piss me off as much as it used to.


I don’t have a device to distract me. I do most of my reading before bedtime. It works out well because the mind gets tired and isn’t as chatty.

I’m usually asleep by 11pm. This is a great achievement because my sleep pattern was all screwed up from the holidays.

Unfortunately, I still can’t get up before 7am. I know I can but the struggle is real on this one.

Caught up with shows

watching tv

So, you’re wasting your time watching Netflix?

Waste is relevant. But yeah, I’m catching with some of shows in my queue.

It feels great because this is how I choose to relax.

Before I was “relaxing” by scrolling down on Twitter or Reddit. Instead of spending an hour or two there, I watch an episode of a show (around 45mins).

What would you do with an extra hour or two in schedule without your phone?

The end

This is it folks. Life without a phone has helped with achieving some peace and being present. I’m also catching up on my reading log and shows/movies list. It has made my commute more tolerable and relaxing. Let’s not forget about good old friend: sleep. (I love sleeping!)

But not all has been good news! Next time, we’ll talk about The Bad of not having a smart phone.