Farewell social media. Hello, more free time.


Do you struggle with keeping up with social media? Do you want to have more free time but only have 24hrs during the day?

I’ve struggle with this issue for the last couple of months. I wanted more free time without giving up my social media. I ended up frustrated, tired, and finally defeated.

Learn how I justified my two social media outlets. How I rescued 2hrs from my day, and what you can do to change the habit.

My pick of poisons are Twitter and Reddit. Let’s have a look.

Justifying Twitter

How else are you going to keep with the new cool technology? Or keep up with others in your community of interest?

It’s always the fear of being left behind and becoming obsolete.

I use twitter to keep up with other fellow developers and see what else is going out there.

But sometimes, I’d end up depressed. Always something new to learn. All the new cool technology I’m not using at my job. This new shiny framework, or that new language. And conferences…boy don’t get me started on the conferences.

How the hell can some people go to so many conferences?

My justification was simple. I’m a diligent professional because I’m keeping up with technology. I care about my craft.

Except that I was spending 1hr to 2hrs scrolling down. I was reading blogs, watching videos and getting nothing else done.

Don’t get me wrong. I learned some pretty cool stuff and met many awesome people, but I didn’t have to spend that much time.

Justifying Reddit

After a hard day of work, why not blow up some steam? What better way than looking at memes, gifs, and other silly things.

Pfft. At least, I’m not wasting my time with Facebook.

I used to tell myself. I thought I was “above” those who spent time on Facebook. (What an arrogant tool!)

I’d spend from 9pm to almost midnight scrolling down on Reddit. No lie.

Almost every single night, I’d take my phone to bed with me. I’d tell my wife that I “deserved” a few minutes of relaxation and mellowing down.

I’d aim for 30mins. It never happened.

My wife would fall asleep while I’d be scrolling down.

Again, don’t get me wrong. I’ve come across some very interesting topics. Heck, I’ve learned a thing or two. But 2-3hrs per night? Is it worth the lack of sleep?

I uninstalled the app. (I never downloaded any Twitter app).

It worked for a while. But it lasted a few weeks before I was “decompressing” on Reddit land.

Farewell, social media.

This is a habit. Habits can be change. But only you can change your habits.

Let’s look at some ways how you can change them.

  • Don’t go cold turkey. I mean you can, but prepare for relapses.

  • Delete phone apps. Delete them. You will try to justify yourself, but I know you can. If you want to check your social media, you can use their browser version.

  • Set a timer. Why not time yourself for 30 minutes? Set your phone timer and have fun.

  • Charge phone outside bedroom. Remove your temptation.

  • Don’t take your phone to the toilet. Yeah, I went there. You know what I’m talking about.

More free time

Free time
It won’t be easy. I’ve struggled with this same issue for the last couple of months.

When I started with these changes, I felt anxious, agitated and even felt sick.

It’s withdrawal. It’s part of the process. The change of habit.

I’ve made great improvements.

I’m more present around my family. I spent more time with my boys and give them my full attention because I’m not checking my Twitter.

My wife and I have caught up on a few shows in our queue.

Wait, you traded social media for watching Nexflix?

Yep. It’s our quality time to spend together. It’s not always Netflix. Sometimes, it’s reading a book or chatting. Other times, she knits while I watch a Pluralsight video.

You’d think it’d take more of our time, but you’d be surprise. Lately, we’re sleeping by 10pm. (Better than staying up till midnight).


Are you missing this or that blog post? Of course.
Are you missing the latest meme or funny gif? Yep.
Are you missing on the latest news from your family? Sure.

As long as you are OK with that, you can change your habit.

It’s a continuous struggle. But, the changes I made have already shown great results.

I’ve rescued 1-2hrs a day by not opening up my social media on weeknights. (And the habit has spilled over to weekends!)

Compromise with yourself. Remember, you only have 24hrs. Use them wisely.

How do you deal with your social media issues? I’d like to know your opinion. Leave a comment below.

  • I like this! 🙂

    Social media can be a true time killer. I have cut down on facebook almost completely (beacuse the value I get in return is very close to zero). I have cut down a lot on my twitter time as well, but that is mostly to get some space. Same with reddit.

    The biggest problem I have is that it’s so hard to filter it properly. There is so much junk. I like my RSS reader better, but it’s no good for discovering new things or participating in technical conversions etc. I don’t know – I need to find a good way to balance it for me.

    Your tips on uninstalling from phone is gold though. I don’t need it everywhere I go!

    • Hey @gjermundbjaanes:disqus, thanks!

      I’m glad I never picked up FB as bad as I see it in others. But as mentioned on post, I’ve other poisons. Same deal.

      Filtering IS the challenge in all forms of social media. I haven’t used an RSS in years for the SAME reason, I’d just have TOO much to go over.

      Yes, find your balance. What worked for me, may not work for you.

      Haha, uninstalling the apps was my first step. I like to run my phone clutter-free. But my goal is to make it as hard as possible to get any social media.