Let’s Run 70 Miles In A Month

June is done and gone. As my running adventure continues, the stakes get higher and higher. The good news is that summer is finally here on the US northeast. It means hot and muggy weather…yuck! But good news, you can also run earlier in the mornings.

Let’s find out if my running adventure helped me run 70 miles in a month!

In the beginning

I had a slow start at the beginning of June:


They were very poor runs. I wasn’t in the zone or enjoying the runs. I wasn’t living the moment.

Then, old bad habits began creeping up:

  • Bad eating (mostly junk food)
  • Staying up late (pass midnight)
  • Laziness (stop learning cool stuff like JavaScript, ReactJs)

(But no coffee! I’m still drinking nothing but tea for my caffeine needs. I’ve not fallen!)

I had moments when I wanted to give up. I wanted to spend the extra hour in the morning learning something instead of running. My stats were not very inspiring. I thought it was time to take it easier. I even considered running just twice a week.

“I already accomplished a full year of continuous running. I should take it easy now.” I thought.

This is similar to software development when you feel like “you know enough”. You loose that drive or curiosity to get better.

“Why bother? I’m good. No reason to keep learning and push the boundaries.”

Ever thought something like that? Yeah, you like your comfort zone. You’re master of your domain. You are drunk off your own success.

Sobering up!

Practice for the sake of practice.

Mastery – George Leonard

Even with many life pressures and challenges, I decided to stay with my simple schedule: Run every other day.

And I’m glad I did.

I started to rack up miles without noticing. By the middle of June, I had over 31 miles.

“Hey, maybe I can do another 60 miles this month!” I thought. This self-inspiration spilled also into other things.

Mega Man Robot Masters App

I finally released my side project and published it.

Mega Man Robot Masters App

It was a great way to improve my JavaScript-fu:

  • Front: ReactJs (with JSX, SASS, etc)
  • Api: NodeJs, ExpressJs

(Working on full blog post on the project details)

To be honest, I was a hesitant to make it public. But thanks to the endorphins, I built the self-confidence and courage to share it with the community. Totally unexpected or unplanned. It was well received.

I’m truly humbled.

This is an explicit example where taking care of the body benefits the soul and improves the mind.

Let’s run 70 miles in a month

“Ok, dude, did you run the 70 miles?”

Yep! Proof, of course.


My last run was my farthest distance so far: 8.37mi. It was a great and consistent run. I was crazy to do it during a workday morning.

I was full of endorphins and felt like I could take the world. Until, I crashed. Then, I ended up taking a full week off from running. I wanted to avoid another running injury.

This is what happens when you push yourself too far. You pay the consequences.

Quick Recap

I’m happy and excited to have run 70 miles in a month. The first runs were crap because I was resting on my laurels. I got drunk off my previous success.

But I decided to push forward. And wonderful things happened like publishing my side project: Mega Man Robot Masters App.

Will I run another 70 miles again next month? I have no idea. But I’m crazy enough to try 😉

You don’t need to be crazy like this guy here. Just start running today. Can’t run? Walk. Add me via RunKeeper. We’ll keep each other motivated!

How many miles you will run this month?

  • Wow! That is great! My legs keep me from running that much. I’m happy if i can run a couple a few miles every week. But my legs keep getting stronger, so perhaps one day (or month, I guess ;)).

    Btw, very cool side project you launched. That kind of stuff is how we *truly* learn, I feel like.

    Keep it up, all of it, I need the inspiration (Just kidding, but seriously, it’s very inspiring to read these) 😉

    • Do you have problems with your legs? If not, start little by little. 1/2 or 1 mile is more than enough. Increase distance as you see you are getting tired.

      Yah, my side project has really helped me with ES6, ReactJS, JSX, and Webpack.

      I’m glad you found something inspiring on this post. That’s the whole point. Read these lessons and apply them to your life 🙂

      • My problem with my legs is that when I run a lot (a lot = more than 1 mile or something like that) I get pain in my shins, calves and ankles. They are getting less and less, and I seem to be able run further and further before it starts to hurt.

        Actually, a year a go I could only run for about 5 minutes before I had to stop. Hopefully I will be able to run as long as I want/can at some point.

        • Have you checked with your doctor? It sounds somewhat serious.

          • Yeah, Im supposed to just train my legs slowly like this. It seems to be working, so it’s OK. Would’ve been better if they could take it of course, but whatcha gonna do 😛

  • Great “Mega Man Robot Masters” application! Thanks for sharing it.