MindBodySoulDeveloper Turns One Year Old!

Exactly one year ago, I published my first blog post ever. I didn’t know what to expect or where this path would lead. Nevertheless, I pushed forward. Today, the MindBodySoulDeveloper blog turns one year old!

Let’s take a quick trip down to memory lane. We’ll revisit some of the great, the bad, and the unexpected awesome things in our adventure so far. Ready?

The Great

There’s been many great things and change brought by this blog. If I had to pick any of those things, I’d pick: consistency.


I’ve blogged about consistency in the past. I keep repeating the same theme for one simple reason:consistency works.

Whatever it means to you, consistency will help get there. I’ve published a weekly blog post. Sometimes, I have published two blog posts per week. I’ve written a total of 54 blog posts – including this one.

Consistency has also spilled onto many other parts of my personal life. One example is exercise; running for me. I’ve a full post celebrating my first year of consistent running!

I can hardly believe what I’ve achieved with commitment and consistency.

Here’s some examples:

The Bad

When I started my adventure, I had no idea what to write about. All the good ideas, niches, and cool domains seem to be taken. It was discouraging and paralyzed me. (Good ol’ paralysis by analysis).

I’m glad I decided to just jump in. My first blog post was on June 27, 2015.

Notice, I didn’t wait until the new month of July or end of summer.

I just wrote my first post and published it. I still remember staying up until 2am wrapping up my first blog post ever. My wife helping me edit it. It was a long night. But we got it done.

Lessons learned

Lessons learned
Even though with John Sonmez’s guidance, I had a lot to learn.

It was slow. It was painful.

I didn’t notice at the time. But I was spending a lot of time in blogging instead of improving my JavaScript skills.

It was also cutting into my personal and family time. Blogging takes a lot of creativity juices. After writing a blog post, you end up usually drained.

Don’t get me started on blog post editing. Boy, if you perfectionist, you are going to have a ball with this one. I sure did!

Also, don’t forget about branding, promoting and getting involved with social media…yep, it was an introvert’s worst nightmare.

I don’t like to dwell too much on these…failures. But I learned some awesome things along the way.

My editing and time-management skills have improved. I can articulate my thoughts very well instead of going all over the place. This translates into improving both my verbal and written communication skills at work.

Best of all, I found out that I enjoy telling stories to get my point across. I tend to use a cathartic approach to connect with you.

The unexpected Awesome

Back to social media

I was social media absent on purpose. I never log on into my Facebook personal account and lost track of my old Twitter account.

I learned that in order to promote my MindBodySoul Developer brand, I had to get involved in social media.

You aren’t getting famous over night!

If you’re worried about trolls coming to your blog, don’t. You aren’t getting famous over night. Hell, it may take you a year or two.

Unless you have a super niche idea like Kevin O’Shaughnessy, it will take time to gain traction.

Am I famous? Nope, far from it. But I am not doing this for “fame and fortune”. I just want to share my thoughts and ideas.

Which leads me to my next point.

Meeting mind-like people

Oh man. I think this is biggest benefit so far.

Networking is never important until you need to find a new job. (It’s ok, I’m guilty of this as well).

As an avid Simple Programmer reader, I’ve been active on the community. This led to connect with other developers.

One of them is Dave Rael and his Developer on Fire podcast. (Check it out, it’s not another tech podcast. It’s star studded with people like Uncle Bob, Scott Hanselman, and many others.)

Dave also invited me to join the Developer on Fire Facebook group. This is the sole reason I created my new Facebook account. It was totally worth it.

I remember reading one of his guest post at SimpleProgammer. He left a comment on my about page and things just took off from there.

He’s an awesome guy. He even connected me with another developer Jaime Dixon who was a guest in his show (also super awesome).

So, there is nice people/developers out there?

Yup! Not all is lost in humanity/developer community.

Here’s a very short list of other awesome developers I’ve met and continuously interact with:

And here is another bunch of devs I’m starting to interact with via Twitter:

(If I let you out of the list, please contact me and I will add you. Nothing but love! /wink)

They are all great inspirations in one way or another. I’d love to meet them face to face one day.

Although they are great developers, I follow them because I believe in what they believe: software development is more than just writing code.

In case you haven’t notice, the theme of this blog is: we are more than just code.

We are developing the developer aka you!

Road Ahead

I will continue to share my experiences to develop the developer.

I’ll continue with my cathartic format for all main sections:

The main goal is to share my stories to help you reflect on them.

I’m only an expert on my own experience.

Closing Thoughts

It’s been a great and crazy ride for the last year. Starting my own blog taught me a lot of great things.

Some of them have been great like being consistent. Committing to something and continue with it. It brought me great benefits to my soft skills (mind), physical improvement (body), and fulfillment thru reflections (soul).

The “bad parts” helped me grow and made me into a better developer and person overall.

The unexpected awesome part has been meeting other developers with a similar mind-set. I can’t wait to meet you all in-person one day!

I can hardly believe it’s been a full year. I never had a goal to “last” for a year. But here we are.

I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite books:

Be goalless

Mastery – George Leonard

Do you still think you can’t start you own blog? Think again.

See you next year!

  • I’m on the exact same road as you ๐Ÿ™‚ I recognize myself in basically everything you wrote.

    Thanks for mentioning me. It’s been great getting to know you too. The “networking” part of it is probably one of the things I like the most.

    I hope you continue to write, because you have a lot of great content on this site ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best wished for the next blogging year! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thanks for stopping by Gjermund! I’m glad you could connect with the post.

      I appreciate the compliments, and continue with my writing style. I was hesitant at first but thank you for coming out and validating the approach!

      To another year! (Actually till the next blog post :D)

  • Great post, Jose. Nice job on the one year BEGINNING. It was roughly a year ago that I started the podcast as well. It’s cool that I’ve made connections, exactly like what you are saying. Wonderful that I’ve now met in person many of the folks mentioned in this post, including Gjermund Bjaanes, in addition to via Skype, Twitter, etc. is pretty cool. Like you said, this is the key benefit (though I didn’t expect that going in). Sometime soon I will meet you in person as well.

    • Thanks for stopping again, Dave. I didn’t expect the social aspect.

      To be honest, I’ve to thank you and Developer on Fire for that. It’s like the nexus for meeting all of these great developers and awesome people at that. You make them human.

      Yep. We gotta meet and exchange jokes for science ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Also, your note about not waiting until July is along the lines of my Simple Programmer post on that topic on which you commented. https://simpleprogrammer.com/2016/01/25/when-should-you-improve/

    • I think this was our first time interacting with each other. My opinions haven’t changed one bit!

      Tech debt = dirty dishes in a sink.

      Inspiration and motivation = capricious mistresses.


  • Jean-Franรงois Hรฉon

    Thank you for the shout-out Jose!

    So many things resonate with me from your post:
    -Community of nice persons/developers. I am happy to be part of your friendly community!
    -Software development is more than just writing code. But did it take me a long time to figure that one out.
    -We are more than just code. Yes! More than the language/framework we use, more than the role given to us at work, more than our hobby, etc!

    Lastly: consistency. I am struggling with this one, but thanks to you, I am at least aware of it ?

    Congratulations on your blogging anniversary!
    PS: on editing blog post: no matter how many times I read something I’m gonna publish, I always find something after hitting publish ?

    • Thanks for stopping by Jean! Couldn’t say it better myself about the community. It’s been great connecting from devs from different languages/frameworks, etc.

      And, we are more than just code!

      p.s. I ninja-edit all the time (this post is no exception :D)

  • Jose, first off; CONGRATULATIONS! Well done on reaching your first year anniversary.

    Reading this was a pleasure! You have a wonderful, down to earth style of writing that I appreciate. Your topics are also something close to my mind, soul and body.

    This shouldn’t be news to you, seeing how we are traveling down the same path. It is through you I found Jeff, Leif and Gjermund. I got the opportunity to meet Gjermund at NDC Oslo. Imagine that, we met in person through your blog!

    I stumbled over your blog through the simplemprogrammer graduates site and thought: “wow, this guy’s written ‘my’ blog”. I also stumbled over you on Twitter through mentions and retweets from Dave.

    I think our first interaction was around 3-4 months ago? I remember being inspired to write my mindful developer post http://codingwithempathy.com/2016/03/29/the-mindful-developer/#comment-2595318206 .

    Consistency really does pay off. Thanks for showing the way and best of luck with your next year.

    • Your kind words humble me, Pavneet aka my clone. (or am I your clone? I forget)

      I thought you already knew Jeff, Leif, Gjermund from SimpleProgrammer, but wow! I really wish I could’ve gone to NDC Oslo and meet with you guys. There’s always next year ๐Ÿ™‚

      I was surprised when I saw you quoting something from my blog. I told my wife, look look someone quoted me on the internet and they ain’t bashing me lol

      You also write things that usually leave me thinking or are good reminders. Yes, consistency is your friend…or as John Sonmez would say: trust the system.