My First Year Running Anniversary

This is a short recap of my first running anniversary. As I look back, I can hardly believe these milestones. And why not, my failures as well.

This post isn’t to boast or get attention. My main goal is not inspire you. But to show with facts what practice and consistency can help you achieve. It’s not easy and will require hardwork. But once you have reap the rewards, you won’t regret it.

The ups

The rewards are awesome. I can’t deny them. There’s been plenty of milestones I’ve achieved without realizing.

The list below chronicles my running adventure:

The downs

I wish I could tell you that everything has been good news. But I’d be lying. Now that I back look at these events, I think they could’ve been avoided. Or at least, mitigated the outcome.

It doesn’t matter at this point. I learned a lot about myself thru these failures. Here’s what I’ve learned:

The road ahead

The road is simple. I’ll continue with my schedule: run every other day and

Run one day at the time

Run one mile at the time

Run one block at the time

Run one step at the time

All you ever have is that next step and nothing else. It’s the next step that’s important. That step will help you live the present moment and enjoy your run. The rest is just outstanding benefits.

Practice for the sake of practice

George Leonard – Mastery

It wouldn’t surprise me if I continue to run more miles in a month. But that’s not my goal. I’ll push myself (and body) to its limits without putting myself in danger. I want to see what I’m made of!

What about 5Ks or 10Ks? I’ll probably run one for funsies. It is in my bucket list to run with other fellow runners.


If I did it, you can do it too. As I mentioned, it was never my intention to run many miles or many of those things I listed above.

There will be ups and downs. But both will beneficial to you. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t run that far or fast…yet. You will be surprised what a little bit of practice will do for you.

What does running have to do with coding? Everything. You take care of your body, and your body will take care of you (and your code). Don’t believe me? Run and proof me otherwise 🙂

Ah, and one more thing: have fun!

I hope my story (with facts) has inspired or motivated you to get out there. Drop me a line if you want to be RunKeeper buddies or just to say ‘hai!’

Photo credit:
jimmyweee via Visual Hunt / CC BY

  • Wonderful Jose, congratulations!
    Keep up the great work and do add me to endomondo if you ever move over there.
    Can’t wait to make the trip to the US and run with you or vice versa. Whatever comes first 🙂

    • Thanks Pav! I think I’ll stay with RunKeeper. Tried Endo and no go for me.

      We’ll make our run happen. I do have experience running in cold weather/snow 😉

  • Great work! I am trying to run a few times a week as well. Haven’t really tried RunKeeper, as I actually don’t run with any tech – should I? 😉

    I’m glad you are sharing this stuff with us!

    • Thanks! I’d strongly recommend a pedometer (e.g.RunKeeper, Endomondo). One thing I didn’t mention on the post is that I had been running before. I just started keeping track about a year ago.

      • It sounds great, I think I have to figure something out with regards to that. I would love to keep track of my progress going forward 🙂

        • I can back Jose up on that. It’s really cool to see where you’ve run and other stats. After years of wearing an iPhone on my arm I finally bought a dedicated running watch and haven’t looked back since. Currently using a Garmin FR 620 with built in GPS and syncs to Garmin connect / endomondo.

          Used to listen to music for a bit, but have stopped that too. So now it’s the road myself and my thoughts.

          Or lack thereof, since I’m trying mindful running 🙂

          • I might have to get myself one of those watches!

            I too am trying to run mindful, but I struggle a lot. I tend to focus to much on everything that is uncomfortable so that it just feels worse and worse. If I let my mind wander, it feels better again. So I need to figure out how to have a more gentle focus – or something.

          • You’ve probably seen it, but there’s a running track in “Singles” section on headspace. I’ve only listened to the first part, part 2 is hard since I don’t run with a phone… :p

          • It’s called an armband :p

            (I do have to say I only have a iPhone 5c)

          • Yep. Sometimes, I am in the zone but many times mind is way too chattery (is that even a word). This is why I still need a phone: music.

          • “So now it’s the road myself and my thoughts.”

            I’m still working on this. I usually run with video game music. Makes it feel like an adventure. Sometimes, I take my earphones off though.

          • Have you tried zombie-run? It’s an interval based running app that has zombies chasing you. You need to run faster when they get closer. 🙂

          • Heard of it but never tried it. My playlist music from the Mega Man X video game series (I’m not a nerd, just an old gamer )