How to Run 60 Miles in a Single Month

Another month, another status check on the wonderful adventure that’s called running. If you like reading about consistency and its benefits, it’s nothing compared to living and reaping them. If someone had ever told me I could run 50 miles in a month, I would’ve laugh. If someone had told me I could run 60 miles in a month, I would’ve run…away from them as fast as I could from that nutcase.

A couple of things changed for this month:

  • More morning runs
  • All runs are outside (no more gym/treadmill)
  • Knees injury from February
  • New sneakers break in

Morning Runs

My first morning run was VERY cold. I think the temperature read mid 20s, and there was a cold breeze.


Although there were many other runs with freezing weather, it was nothing like that cold chilly morning. There were some really nice days with awesome weather that I thought summer was already here. I probably ran in days with some rain as well.

Inspiration and motivation didn’t matter. To be honest, it sucked getting up at 6am. But if it was my day to run, I had to be out there. I wasn’t about to lose my consistency that had taken me almost a year to build up.

I was doing fantastic until Daylight savings  mid-month. I switched some runs to the evening instead. But I have to say morning runs are starting to become my favorite. Endorphins are my new caffeine!

All runs are outside

Yep, no more gym/treadmill runs. Since I have a long commute to the city, carrying running gear is never fun. Even though I enjoyed running during lunch time, I found it a bit cumbersome especially during a busy workday. It’d take an 1hr+  for a gym visit. It was starting to get a little inconvenient. In comparison, a morning run would take me 40 minutes.

In addition, I’ve always preferred the outside anyway. The runs are more entertaining and seeing the morning sunrise makes me smile and brings me inner peace.

I will be cancelling my gym memberships. I don’t see myself going back to the gym for a while.

Knee Injuries

February wasn’t great as expected. I slipped and suffered severe injuries on both my knees. I had to take off almost two weeks from running.

I had to very careful when I started running again. I didn’t want to regress by doing something foolish. There was some pains but I was more careful. I have to admit, my knees hurt from time to time. At night, I use rub Tiger Balm (Icy/Hot) and take care of them. I won’t let a minor setback stop me from having fun.

New sneakers

I’m loving my new running shoes. Finally, I broke them in and they are awesomesauce! I’ve done some speed runs and rarely have feet problems.

They were pricey ($150USD), but worth every penny. But as mention before, and worth repeating, do not cheat on your running shoes! Go to a running store and have them help you picking the right shoe for you.

Let’s run 60 miles in a month


As you read, I’ve used motivation or inspiration. Heck, I never aimed to run for 60 miles in a single month. When I ran 50 miles in a month, I thought I had reach my peak.

Two simple things in my mind when running:

Practice, even when you seem to be getting nowhere


Enjoy the plateau

George Leonard

And my personal favorite: have fun.

Although I’m impressed and happy with my achievements, this is no time to sit on my laurels. I’ll continue to run every other day. Who knows maybe one month I can break 70 miles. But it’s always one run at the time, one mile at the time, and one step at the time. Nothing more, nothing less.

Take away

There was some great changes in March. I enjoy outside in the mornings so much that I’m ditching the gym/treadmill altogether. I’m taking care of my knees at night and broke in my new running shoes.

All of these things combined with my consistency of running yield outstanding results.  Now, it’s time to take the same mindset and momentum and apply it where need it. (Time to practice my JavaScript-fu)

What are you waiting for to start your running adventure today? Go outside and have some fun!

Experience runners: how do you stay consistent? Share your story with us in the comments below!