How to Restart Your Web Developer Career With a Big Bang



Imagine sitting in a field in the middle of summer enjoying a nice fireworks show…. You watch as one particular rocket soars high up into the sky and then…nothing. No bang, no explosion, just a fizzle.

– Soft Skills by John Sonmez

And just like that, a book described my web developer career…and life.

I’ve been trying to learn JavaScript for the last couple of years. Most of my web development career has been working in middle tier or services using C#. Around three years ago, I bought the JavaScript bible: JavaScript: The Good Parts. I really tried my best to get into the book, but I couldn’t for some reason. I decided to try a more hands-on approach. I finished the Code Academy JavaScript course. While I had a great time, I still yearned to learn more.

In my personal time, I’d look into fun ways to learn the language. I found about Angular, Node.js, Amber.js, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, the Mean.js stack, etc. So many buzz words. So much to learn. I felt overwhelmed and discouraged. I thought I’d never learn JavaScript and be doomed to become the rocket that “just fizzles”.

A few months ago, one of the interns at my work place mentioned Meteor.js. “Yay, another JavaScript library”, I thought, (Actually, it’s a JavaScript App Platform). I brushed it off at first. But the more he talked about it, the more interested I became. He expressed so much passion. A passion I had lost over these years. He reminded me of my younger self. A young web developer full of passion, endless energy and thirsty for more knowledge. He was very much like a rocket, which puts on a nice firework show with a loud bang and an ecstatic explosion.

I bit the bullet and looked into this Meteor.js library thing. I found John Sonmez’s Getting Started With Meteor blog post. Being the lazy person that I am, I skipped his post. Instead I watched his YouTube video. I’ll be honest, I was not impressed by the presentation.

Life Coach for Software Developers

Days later, YouTube suggested John’s channel and see: “Why Your Million Dollar Idea Is Worthless” and the “What Should I Do With Free Time At Work?”. I watched those two videos and binged on the rest of them. Once I ran out of videos, I went to his blog and I was hooked.

John has the type of knowledge and experience that no developer seems to want to share. He kept mentioning: start your own blog and branding. And how starting his own blog, was the best thing he did for his career that allowed him to retire at 33. I was skeptical, but still bought his Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual book. I thought what the heck, the worst thing it can do is collect dust like the rest.

After getting the book and reading the quote at the beginning of this post, I couldn’t stop reading. I never have done that with any book. I’ll save my book review for a future blog post.

Restart your web developer career with a big bang

I signed up for his 3-week blog course, and now I’m wrapping up my first blog post ever.

Is it inspiration keeping me up at 2 am finishing up this post? No, it’s a commitment I made with myself to have consistent self-improvement as a web developer, and more importantly, as a person. I don’t want to be that rocket that soars high up and fizzles.

C’mon, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the John’s blog course and restart your web developer career with a big bang. Did I mentioned it’s totally free?


  • jsonmez

    Fantastic. I wish you the best on your journey. Honored that I could be a part of it.

    • Thanks, John! All I needed was that little push to make it happen.

  • Great post. I’m not surprised you found Javascript: The Good Parts tricky – I’ll need to read it a second to get most of the benefit I suspect! Javascript can be a hugely discouraging world at times, especially now with a new framework released every minute – I feel your frustration.

    Huge props to John for giving us a kick up the backside and getting us moving with our blogs. I’ve been at it since February with over 10,000 page views already.

    I see this is your first post Jose. Hopefully the first of many – best of luck 🙂

    • Hey James. Thank you for stopping by and understanding the JavaScript frustration.

      I checked out your blog and a lot very useful stuff! I’ll def be checking it out.

      I won’t lose momentum on this! I appreciate your words of encouragement.

  • Great post! I had a similar experience with John and Simple Programmer 🙂

    Btw, I have created this fun little app with React for raffles (like a Wine Raffle). It’s super fun! 🙂